Many people have already tried enjoying YouTube clips on their iPad or smartphone. That's fine if you're watching through a wi-fi network, but it's going to soon start to cost a fair whack in the event you do it through your mobile network operator. So, are there any other options for streaming video? You'll see that there are actually a wide range of video streaming hardware in the marketplace that will enable you to stream content via your broadband connection.

Two of the biggest video streaming providers are HULU and Netflix who stream a sizable library of video content (from movies to TV series) over the net for viewers o enjoy. Video streaming hardware will soon be an absolute necessity for any household. Video streaming hardware helps you take content off the web and watch it on your TV. You can now get video on demand onto your TV, without having to pay the extortionate prices that cable providers charge for similar content. There are certain things both young and old must take into account though when finding the perfect video streaming hardware for their needs.

A few of the most popular devices to stream online movies include:

The biggest selling point of Roku is its price, there's not many good quality video streaming devices on the market for only $50. The box will connect you to providers including HULU plus, Netflix and Crackle. The premium services which can be found also include international sports and the chance to see the HBO movie channel. Now you're able to watch streamed video content to your heart's content from the convenience of your couch. There is even an application on the market that can change your smart phone into a cool remote for it. 

Apple TV
Apple iTunes hasn't been made available on Roku though, this means users that have bought a large amount of content from iTunes may want to try Apple TV. As with any Apple products the box is incredibly small and modern looking. Technical prerequisites include a Wi-Fi network and also the latest versions have support for 1080p video output. The main selling point of this unit though is the fact it is able to work with iCloud, iTunes and AirPlay. One of the cool features is that you could take some video on your iPhone and then stream it right to your TV to watch. Looking at it though, it should be fairly easy to see that unless you are an Apple fanatic, then there's little point in this device. I would call it one of Apple's rare misses.

Playstation 3
XBox 360
Using your video gaming system to watch streamed content is in fact now another great option. Gamers will particularly like this kind of video streaming hardware because they can kill two birds with one stone - play their video games then stream online content. When you enter into the streaming service you'll find you can get a lot of services like Netflix, HULU plus, Amazon Prime and even the NFL Sunday Ticket through it.


Smart TV

Another choice which does not require any extra hardware or box to connect to the net is a smart TV. Viewers are able to search and find videos via their television, in many ways comparable to a hotel interface. The user is able to install games and apps just like they would with a cell phone and includes an integrated web browser that makes virtually anything available on the internet able to be transferred to the TV. Many industry experts say that in the long term however, you can lose flexibility as you are in the hands of the TV manufacturer regarding the software provided. With the cost of HD TV's constantly falling and video streaming hardware available for $50 to $250, you've got many more methods of mixing and matching according to what you're in to, for instance gaming, movies, live sports, etc.


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